Hi! I am Thabisile Zulu

All I wanted to do was to eat cakes, baking them was never part of the plan. Realising how much they costed, something in me said let’s try and bake one ourselves, and here we are now. I love cakes, I love eating them, I love looking at them, I just love them.

Happiness in bakes has been fuelled by friends who have tasted my cakes and encouraged me to turn this love I have into a business. Started from my kitchen, with minimal tools and things but we have created one of the great tasting cakes.

We bake for any occasion, big or small. All we want to accomplish is turn your idea into edible happiness. I say we because inasmuch as I bake alone, my husband and son are very much part of the whole project. We want to give you our piece of happiness in a cake.— Thabisile Zulu